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Backing Brilliance - Sister Pitch 2019

4 November 2019

Wow ! Firstly I have to say a huge thank you to the entire Global Sisters team, as well as every single one of their wonderful supporters. What a incredible experience !

Last week I was honoured to be one of 11 women invited to speak at the fabulous LaunchVic for Global Sisters 'Sister Pitch 2019'.

Although this is only the 2nd year Global Sisters has run the event, it is already proving to be a magnet for the who's who of Australia's business leaders.

So what's the magic ? Why does this rather humble, new business event quietly attract a literal powerhouse of support ? The answer seemed difficult for people to quite put their finger on or articulate.

I recognised it though. I recognised it because it's something that is very important to me - it's beauty. I don't mean beauty in the cliché, cheesey, superficial way. I mean beauty in that old fashioned expression - beautiful inside and out - way.

Global Sisters captures, supports & nourishes the beauty in the human being behind each of their business start-ups , in a way I have never experienced before. Their unwavering belief in the women behind the start-ups they support, translates into building an extraordinary community of the cream of Australian business leadership around them; creating a potent melting pot of talent, who, together are elevating humanity by building businesses grounded in beauty.

It all sounds too good to be true, I know. The whole experience felt quite surreal.

I CAN'T WAIT to work with the amazing business leaders who have offered such incredible, exciting hands on support ! I'm still pinching myself, to check I'm not dreaming.

Stay tuned for updates highlighting the SUPER exciting connections that were made #backherbrilliance

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