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Founded in 2016 by Australia's 1st blind fashion designer, Blind Grit is inspirational Street Fit Gear created by those who conquer challenges, for those who are ready for one !


Blind Grit celebrates the qualities required to live with disability & survive trauma, as some of the qualities we most admire, value & aspire to. It’s a celebration of those SUPER HUMANS who thrive outside a comfort zone that most of us take for granted.


High quality, SUPER COMFORT, designed for getting out of your COMFORT ZONE !


Blind Grit appears to be the 1st & only fashion label in the world built entirely of & around those who live with disability & survive trauma.


All the aspirational, glam, dream jobs that sit behind the creation of Blind Grit, are done by those who live with disability & survive trauma.


Including: the modelling, photography, PR, social media, graphic design, hair & make up artistry, styling, web design & of course the designing itself - everything but the manufacturing !.


Ensuring every Blind Grit garment is infused with challenge-conquering energy !



The 'Pluck You' Collection is named after 'Pluck', who stars throughout the collection. Pluck, created by Blind Grit artist Monique Barrett, is a sweet, small alien who came from a place of great fear.


Versatility is a key aspect of all our collections. I love the idea that one garment can be easily transformed to reflect dramatically contrasting aesthetics.


Unisex & inclusive, the Pluck You Collection was inspired by the fabulously androgynous rock stars of the 70's. Practical, wearable glamour, combining French romanticism with an edgy street vibe

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